Health Wellness and Special Diets

During my long career as a chef, I have had the opportunity to provide food and service to people of all age groups, with diverse social, and economic backgrounds. This has allowed me to gain experience with recipes, and ingredients, that the average person may not have the time or need to. The dietary needs of a nursing and rehabilitation facility, will be very different than that of a K-12 day school, fine restaurant, or college campus....


A change in diet may be made out of curiosity, or personal preference. Or a diet change may be made necessary for ones health and wellbeing. For any reason it helps to have someone to help guide you through all the information out there. 


What my vision here is, is to work together to understand what your nutritional needs and goals are. Then design a menu based on these needs. We can then determine if there are any kitchen tools, culinary techniques, or ingredients that you need instruction to be made more comfortable using. This is based solely on your needs or interests. I come to you and show you how to to create the recipes in your kitchen. We will look at what you have for equipment, and or tools, what you need to acquire, and what you need to know in order to create this food.