Infused oils, Herbal extracts, Pickles, and Relishes.

So I have to say that this page is a bit self indulgent. I have always enjoyed making my own condiments, pickels, and rellishes. I havent boughjt a jar of pickels in years. Making one's own is so much better. Though it's not super hard, it can be tricky, especialy if preserving them. On the other hand, extractacks and infused oils can be a bit difficult. Certain herbs are very temprature sensative, and a mistake can easily ruin the recipe. However you obtain your ingridents. Wether by gsthering in the wild, or growing your own. A ruined recipe can be very disappointing. I can take you through the process, and avoid any beginners mistakes. Have you ever made home made pesto, or home made vanilla extract? It's great to use, and fun to make. Let me get you started in a really rewarding hoby.