Safety and Sanitation

Wether it is taking care of your customers in the food service industry, or providing your family with healthy wholesome meals. There is nothing more important than food safety. 

In the business setting, on the local or national scale, We have seen some major chains suffer after outbreaks of food born illness. All it takes is a simple mistake. Left unchecked, could result in disaster. This however does not need to be the case. A solid, and comprehensive H.A.C.C.P. system, along with training of proper handling practices is the best way to prevent this serious situation. I can come to your place of business, and work with your team. By spending time with your team, I will be able to make an objective assessment of their food handling practices. We can examine the flow of food from arrival to point of service, and make adjustments wherever necessary.

Home food safety is often overlooked, though no less crucial to our wellbeing. This may not possess the intensity of food service, but by taking simple steps, and using best practices. The home can easily be made food safe.